MIFUR International fur and leather exhibition

MIFUR’s history is strictly connected to the development of fur and leather garments in the fashion system.

In 1995 trade operators asked their professional association, AIP – Associazione Italiana Pellicceria (Italian Fur Association), for an Exhibition in Milan able to represent them as a part of the fascinating complex of the winter fashion.

Mifur was then established thanks to the marketing outlook of a whole sector, which made available the big potentialities of its own fashion.

From the end of the Nineties fur meant an homogeneous product in respect to the big world of the prêt-à-porter, and not something different and on its own.

Mifur has always aimed at a diffused creativity of a network of little and big companies in this field, able to link the all rings of the productive chain: from tannery to skins, from fur garments to accessories and machines. Still today it is the original peculiarity of the Exhibition showing itself as unique and vertical.

The product’s peculiarity has made Mifur since its first edition a unique yearly date in March together with the other winter fashion Exhibitions.

In April 1996 Ente Fieristico Mifur was established to run successfully the Exhibition. It is a non-profit structure and its constitutional aim is to promote and realize the Exhibition’s initiatives for the trade national and international operators.